First of all, thanks for stopping by.

So hi. Hello there. Um, yes. Hi. Have you noticed I’m socially awkward yet? I’m Karen. I have irritable bowel syndrome. A raging anxiety disorder. The inability to filter. A very long suffering husband, Z. And two sweet boys T 4 and C 2 who will probably shit bricks and demand money for therapy when they discover this blog. Hopefully I’ve got at least half a decade before that happens.

I’m a Stay At Home Mom. We live in sunny Syracuse.

Alright, I’m going to be all earnest for a sec. Here’s what I’m trying to do here. Parenting is hard. Mental illness is hard. Marriage is hard. I talk about the hard stuff because, well, because I’m a selfish ass and it helps me to talk about it. But also because maybe if we talk about this crap it will help make it all easier to navigate. The struggles won’t seem so shameful, we won’t feel like we must pretend to be perfect, we can destigmatize mental illness, we can help each other. Pretty lofty goals, but even if one person feels less crazy, or like less of a shitty mom after visiting this little blog then I feel like it’s worth it to tell the internet my biggest fear is shitting myself in public.

Pleased to meet you!

You want to tell me something about yourself?

Oh, and if you want to send me an email please feel free! I’m at karencordano@gmail.com.

25 thoughts on “About

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  2. I just stumbled on here while researching feminist articles on WordPress, and yep, I love it here. You’re talking about real topics, and I feel like I can actually hear your words as I read them. I’m looking forward to digging around in here.

  3. Visiting via Huffpost article. I am stay home mom to a 10yro son and 7yro daughter. I’m on the PTA board (which I want to get out after the 2014-15 term). I am a vegan who likes knitting. I also run (and training for a half-marathon). Really like your blog — candid, funny, honest and courageous.

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