T Was Right and Yet Another Question For My Smart Friends

How about a lighthearted palate cleanser after yesterday’s post?

Twice in the last 24 hours I’ve been ready to yell at T only to discover he was being a responsible kid. Last night I heard him yell “No Charlie!” as I made dinner in the kitchen. I ran around the corner to the living room and started to holler at T when I saw him grab something out of C’s hand. “But Mommy!” he cried, “Charlie is not allowed to have a DVD!” Sure enough, somehow C got his little hands on a DVD. T had rescued it and marched it right over to me. I apologized and told T he did the right thing. When I told Z the story once he’d come home from work he said, “Well, in your defense, statistically the chances were he was grabbing a toy out of C’s hand.” Z often knows exactly what to say to make me feel better.

Today I was nursing C before putting him down for a nap. The rules surrounding this ritual are crystal clear to T. I get him a snack, set him up with a movie, and he MUST stay downstairs. If he comes into C’s room C no longer wants to nap. Less than 5 minutes after C and I retired to his room I heard T come up the stairs and move around. I tensed up, waiting for him to open the door, but a few minutes passed and he didn’t do it. I started to relax and think maybe he wasn’t going to come in, that I could address the security breach after I got C settled. Of course, that is when the door swung open and he emerged, naked from the waist down. I tried so hard to keep my composure, but instead dissolved into giggles. He said, “I had a great big poop. You need to wipe me.”

C hung out on the floor of the bathroom while I took care of business. And I told T I was so proud of him, that he handled the situation exactly in the right way, and frankly that I wasn’t surprised he pooped. Dude was farting up a storm in the car on the way home from school. He put his underwear and pants on and scurried downstairs and C and I went back to nursing. Did it take longer than usual to get him settled? It did. But you know what, it wasn’t a huge deal.

None of the moment to moment stuff that I let myself get wrapped up in is a big deal. And when T surprises me, or when he makes me laugh he also shakes my out of the tendency to sleepwalk through my day, he reminds me to enjoy myself.

I love this sweet kid. And I hope he still loves us even after his dad trims his hair and he suddenly looks like those hipster gals with the really short bangs 

Light saber battle! 

Our sunshine boy.
Ok Smart Friends, I’ve got a question for you–I ordered THE HUNTRESS! for my fat calves and they arrived today. The reviews said they ran big and to order down a size. I’m usually a 7, sometimes a 6.5. Yes, I have very small feet for being 5’5″. When I was in high school my best friend used to say it looked like me feet weren’t long enough to support my body. She wasn’t wrong. I also have husky calves, that cannot be denied. But what makes matters worse is I take a small size. When I was trying the Hunters on at the store the 8/9 fit in the upper calf. Am I justifying here? Whoa is me…regular boots would fit if I had bigger feet…Alright, bringing it back around to my point here….They fit, but they are a tad small in the foot.
And when I put the socks in the boots the feet feel snug snug. But I’m scared if I return them for a size 7 that those will feel way too big without the socks. And they might be a tad big with the socks. Friends, dear friends, what the hell do I do?
Suddenly they are snow boots! But is is better to have them be a little tight? Or a little loose? Help me friends!

8 thoughts on “T Was Right and Yet Another Question For My Smart Friends

  1. You'll get blisters! Especially when its raining or wet out!

    You can always try going to a store that sells them and try them on there to see if the bigger size works out before you return the ones you have.

  2. Yes, I think I'll return them and get the bigger ones. I should have ordered both and returned whatever fit worse….in fact maybe I'll hold onto the 6 and order the 7 and compare. Why didn't I think of that in the first place?

  3. sometimes they're hard as hell to get off even when they fit (i have 2 pairs. in my defense i bought my first pair when i lived in ever-drizzly seattle and the second when i got chickens on a tennessee farm). size up!

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