Big Week

C has been consistently taking his daily shit while I’m in the shower for the last week or so. I like to pretend that he understands I’m struggling a bit right now and just wants to do what he can to make my life a little better. Yes, it sucks for Z. But I can’t help it. I love not changing his crap diapers. Love. It. The hubris involved in even writing these sentences means my poop-free streak (poop. streak. get it?) will surely end tomorrow. I don’t even care. The last few feces free days have more than made up for it.

Another thing that has been making my crazy a bit more bearable is writing here almost every day. Clicking the publish button is like hitting a release valve. It feels good to have a place where I can admit that my crazy is real, or parenting is hard, or that I’m a feminist, damn it.

But sometimes life starts happening. This week I have a midterm for the class I’ve been taking, Right to Food And Nutrition.  We didn’t have exams at Sarah Lawrence and this is the first graduate level class I’ve ever attempted, so I’m kind of shitting bricks over the midterm situation. By the end of the semester I need to have a term paper completed that is 15-20 pages plus a bibliography. The cool part is we were able to pick our own topics and I’m writing about the possibility of encouraging breastfeeding in the United States using a rights based approach. And one thing we did do at Sarah Lawrence was write. But I’m also freaking out a bit about carving out the time to research and produce. Wednesday C and I have his pre-op visit because he is getting tubes in his ears on March 12th. At the end of the week a dear friend is coming to visit. I’m excited about spending time with her because I see her so rarely. So it might be a bit quiet around her for a week or so.

But I’ll be back.

day of the week

T got awesome new Day Of The Week underwear. An aviation theme this time.

snacking on bother's dinner

Snacking on Big Brother’s abandoned dinner.

full belly

Getting some tummy rubs after eating a huge meal. Remember not to unload that food until I’m safely in the shower, C!


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