A Few Thoughts

There is nothing better than a triscuit.

Monistat 1 sucks ass. A week later and I end up at the gynecologist’s anyway.

Saw a new doc. He told me he looked at my chart the night before. Me, “Oh, yeah, I’m kind of a nightmare.” Him, “I know! What is going on with your body?” Me, “On top of all that stuff I have an anxiety disorder.” Him, “Cool!”

It is barely going to get into the 30s. There is snow on the ground and in the forecast  Yet magically spring allergies have kicked into high gear.

We rearranged the furniture in our bedroom.

Totally forgot to share this gem in the stomach bug post: evidently I now pee a little every time I puke. Thanks sons!

Gave C a handful of M&Ms before 9am. I don’t know what is wrong with me.

On Tuesday the midterm was returned to us. With extra credit I got 85/100. Not proud of the grade, but was expecting much worse.

Two days ago I stopped taking my daily meds. They were making me even more anxious. I’m scared my shrink is disapointed in me. Which shouldn’t be what I’m worried about. But there you have it.

It seems everyone I know is a little anxious and depressed. The end of winter is the bleakest time of year. I’m sad for everyone, but it also makes me feel a little less lonely.

When I am unwell I think I have a terrible illness that is eating me from the inside and when I’m diagnosed it will be too late.

When I’m super duper unwell I think at least after I die I’ll be able to rest.

I’m currently super duper unwell.

I want key lime pie. So I bought the stuff to make key lime pie. Curtis, I’m waiting to make it until tomorrow so you can have some, too.

tuesday morning

Tuesday morning. Z felt snowblowing was a pretty shitty welcome home. I’ve got to agree with him. What is up mother nature?


Triscuit. Seriously delicious.


10 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts

  1. I was going to write a long comment and then realized this is YOUR blog, not mine. So instead I’ll just say, I wish you weren’t unwell at all, but you are very much NOT alone in your depression and anxiety. I have been struggling lately and I’m really hoping that Spring is around the corner and that it will cure me – mostly.

    • You know what? Recently I realized I’m a cautionary tale long commenter on friend’s blogs. I am deeply ashamed discover find I’m that girl.

      That said, feel free to comment away!

      Yes, it seems like this winter has been terrible for anxiety and depression all around. I hope the spring does see you feeling better.

  2. I am sorry you are unwell 😦 however your blog continues to be a brightspot in my days and I think you are quite witty. Also: Monistat does suck – I have been convinced I have lung cancer for the past 48 hours – and med hunting sucks too. I remember hearing a doctor once compare finding the right med to trying on shoes – that sounds like a pretty painful and ridiculous process. I hope I can have pie with you guys someday. Take care of C&J we miss them all the time 😦

    • Aw, thank you so much. And yes, med hunting is the WORST. If you guys come to SYR for a visit ever I promise to make key lime pie. C&J do an amazing job taking care of us! But we try to return the favor. They regaled me with tales of your adorable girl.

  3. I am a great believer in key lime pie helping with winter unwellness. Would you be willing to share your recipe with me? So delicious!

    • Best Key Lime Pie (combo of modified The Pioneer Woman filling and modified Cooks Illustrated crust)
      Oven: 350F

      11 full sized graham crackers crushed in food processor
      4T Sugar
      4-5T melted butter
      Combine in pie dish, press down with fork, bake on sheet pan for about 8 minutes, cool on rack until filling is made.

      1 T lime zest
      ½ C fresh squeezed lime juice (if you like a strong lime flavor add a bit more)
      2 egg yolks
      I can sweetened condensed milk (14oz)
      Mix first 3 ingredients in standing mixer until well combined, add can of milk and continue mixing until well combined.

      Pour filling into baked pie crust, bake on sheet pan for approximately 15 minutes or until center is set but still jiggles a bit, cool on rack until you can comfortably touch it, place in fridge for at least one hour preferably three.

  4. I get super anxious too. I started feeling better when I realized that there’s every good reason in the world to be anxious. Life is so uncertain.

    I like you’re new gyn.

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