Good, Mediocre, Awful

In the moment of complete stillness after T threw a cup of water at me yesterday the comment that a friend left on a picture I’d posted on FB a few weeks ago flitted into my mind.

He mentioned my idyllic family.

I, like every other Mom on the planet, think my kids are beautiful. Yesterday I went social media crazy and posted eight photos to instagram because I was so excited about our very secular little Easter celebration. Sorry to my friends on instagram. I got carried away. It is easy to share photographic evidence of the good stuff. I can’t whip my phone out to snap a picture while my son is throwing a cup of water at me. Besides being an inappropriate response I’m just not that fast.

When it comes to our life I’m not trying to sell you guys idyllic. Yup, there is good stuff, but there is also a shitload of mediocre along with a healthy amount of just plain awful.

In the good category: Last Thursday I went to class without taking Imodium beforehand for the first time. I did not shit myself.

In the plain awful category:Two Saturdays ago at the grocery store suddenly there were stabbing pains in my belly and I felt my bowels liquify. Then a wave of exhaustion so profound hit me that I didn’t think I’d be able to stay awake on the ride home. Anxiety attack.

Good:  I limped through the rest of the trip as fast as I could and made it home to my trusty old toilet before the explosion happened.

Awful: Last night I woke at 1:30am nauseous with the stabbing pains. More anxiety.

Mediocre: After Friday morning’s shower I wrapped my hair in the towel and suddenly noticed the faint yet unmistakable odor of urine. T strips naked to pee in the morning and if it is too early for him to come in our room (he loses TV for the day if he enters our room before 6am) he’ll curl up by the heat register and use my towel as a blanket. Clearly he isn’t shaking his business thoroughly enough post pee.

Awful: I still haven’t washed the towel.

Awful: C bit T’s shoulder and almost broke the skin and left a bruise.

Awful: T bit Z’s leg and left a blood blister.

Good: Z and I have managed to not bite any member of the household.

Awful: I’m raising a kid who thinks it makes sense to throw a cup of water at me. What the fuck is that all about? Not ok, child! I know you aren’t reading this, but still-DON’T THROW WATER AT ME! OR ANYONE! DUH!

Yup, the pictures might be nice. But the rest of our life is messy.

sunglasses T

He is fucking adorable. This wasn’t posed. I just looked into what used to be our dining room, but is now our family room (there was a big furniture shift a few weekends ago) and there he was.

school picture

And come on, school pictures are supposed to be awful. This kid won’t smile for me, but he is sure as hell hamming it up here.

little bunny

My little bunny.

big bunny

The slightly hung over big bunny.

Star Wars Easter

Star Wars Easter!

family glue

The glue that holds this family together.


8 thoughts on “Good, Mediocre, Awful

  1. I blogged something similar today. It’s amazing how a photo can seem so amazing, but not capture all the ‘crappy’ moments (haha, see how I used your own situation in my comment?).

      • Tantrums don’t bother me 50% of the time. I just laugh, tell the child the tantrum will not only not work, but will in fact lead to some sort of punitive measure (no treat after dinner, no story before bed), and occasionally snap a picture.

        The other 50% of the time they drive me up the wall.

        But 90% of the time I don’t engage with the kid who is throwing a tantrum. They can’t have my attention if they are going to throw themselves on the floor and scream.

        Unless we are in public. Thankfully there have only been a few of those….

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