Procrastination City

Z took the boys to a park Saturday morning where they met up with friends. He’s been trying to get them out of my hair as much as possible so I can work on my paper. I’ve been trying to procrastinate as much as possible because the reality of my paper is freaking me out.

We were invited to a birthday party that evening and I volunteered to make cookies. So my Saturday morning procrastination was quite useful rather than a waste of time. For once I listened to the tiny bit of reason that I posses and didn’t plan a complicated decoration. I just piped outlines and dipped them in colored sugar. As I was finishing up the piping I realized I’d had a hell of a lot of fun for a few hours. The whole process-making the dough, rolling it out, getting the perfect consistency of icing, deciding on the decoration and then executing is satisfying to me. I know that repetitive tasks bore a lot of people to tears, but I dig ’em. It’s like you get a bunch of opportunities to chase perfection.

2 e cookies

When I’m done all I see are the mess ups. How to I ease up on the amount of icing at the corners of the Es so they don’t collect more sugar than the straight lines without breaking the flow? How do I get the curve of the top of the 2 to look more uniform? Is it easier to knock off the extra sugar as soon as I’m done decorating or when I’m ready to pack them up? Identifying the flaws and trying to figure out a better way to do it next time is part of what makes it exciting and satisfying.

I got to do something I love completely unencumbered by the boys. I felt energized and, as corny as it sounds, really grateful.

truck cookies

I miss baking for a living.

My procrastination activity on Friday was doing our taxes. Not a lot of fun while I was doing them, but holy shit, I swear I’ve shed a weight that has been hanging around my neck since the first tax document arrived in the mail in January. Yesterday’s procrastination activity was an epic nap. Today I’m writing this and making pierogies and gnudi. But the best procrastination event will happen on Saturday. Z and I are driving to the city so he can attend a work event that only lasts two hours. He’s got a free hotel room for the night so he convinced me to go with him. We’ll be gone for about 30 hours and our amazing friends will stay with the boys.

The paper is due on April 25th. So far procrastination has been pretty wonderful, but I do need to get my ass in gear. I’m looking forward to the morning of April 26th. The feeling of relief at having it done, man, I can’t wait for that.

naked dance party

This weekend T had a naked-save-for-one-sock dance party.

sick boy

C’s first cold since the ear tubes were put in and so far he isn’t spiking a crazy fever. The damn things seem to be working!


2 thoughts on “Procrastination City

  1. I am procrastinating right now by responding to your post!! I so get the baking thing. I am the same way about painting and refinishing salvaged furniture. No joke my house is full of it. I am currently salvaging a dinghy and turning it into a sandbox. I was up at 7am this weekend unshowered and hair unbrushed in my paint clothes painting in the backyard. I was happy as it sounds like you are baking. We should go into business 🙂 I would suggest having J & C call me if they need support while sitting. But I have seen them with my baby first hand and really feel like I could offer them little other than comic relief and perhaps a funkily painted bureau. They have proven to be quite adept with the little ones. 🙂

    • Sandbox dinghy sounds awesome! You would love Z. Last summer he made T a sandbox and the nutjob joined the corners by cutting ginormous dovetails.

      And yup, we trust J&C completely. We sure as hell hit the jackpot when we met them.

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