Beware–Braggy Post Ahead…

For those following along I took a final exam on Tuesday and my first graduate level course is officially over. I’ve been freaking out about this class all semester. The work load was intense. Most weeks we were expected to read 100-200 pages of extremely dense material. There was a midterm and final, but there was also a 15-20 page term paper. I was scared I couldn’t do it. More specifically  I was scared that I would try my hardest and it wouldn’t be good enough.

I still don’t know my grade for the paper or the exam or the class. And I’m still freaked out it won’t be good enough. But something really amazing happened today. And even though it’s bragging I’m totally going to tell you about it.

Got to back up a bit first. During my research for the paper, which was titled “The Human Right to Food Applied to the Problem of United States Breastfeeding Rates” (I know, I know sounds like a page turner, right?), I came across a number of cool breastfeeding advocacy groups and some of them had FB pages that I “liked”. Whatever. I’m a nerd. The other day The United States Breastfeeding Committee posted a link to a New York Times Parenting Blogpost “Similac’s Dubious ‘No Judgement’ Marketing”. I shared the link on my page prefacing it with:

“Incredibly troubling marketing campaign from a leading formula company. Yes. Obviously mothers should not judge each other. But this company’s first interest is not in “Mommy Wars” and the effect they have on Mothers, rather it is selling formula. Ethically this is simply appalling.

After being the only country in the world to vote against adopting the The International Code of Marketing of Breastmillk Substitutes in 1981 (Go USA!), the Clinton administration reversed that decision. But sadly nothing has been done in this country to enforce The Code in the last 20 years, and this campaign is in direct violation of it.”

I might feel a little passionate about this issue….

I also emailed the link to my professor. She let me know that she was forwarding it to colleagues, which made me happy because I worried about bugging her or wasting her time. Today she emailed me to tell me that she had sent the link along. She also asked if I would mind if she forwarded my paper to the same group. The thread of emails was included as well as the recipients. As I looked at it my pulse raced and my throat closed up. They were people we’d read all semester. People who are involved with important Right to Food NGOs. People who work with the UN.

So I don’t have my grade yet. But the paper can’t suck ass if she is willing to share it with her colleagues. I worked really hard and my paper did not suck ass. I’m so fucking happy and excited I don’t know what to do with myself.

z cleans

Z is out of here very early Sunday morning for his trip to Japan. He needs to be packing. So he decided to move the refrigerator and clean underneath it. We are master procrastinators in this house. Oh, and yes, we’ll be traveling for a while. But don’t think you can come break into an empty house. People are staying here while we are gone.

handsome guy

My handsome man. I’m going to miss the hell out of him.

 Posting might be pretty spotty for the next while as the boys and I head south.


4 thoughts on “Beware–Braggy Post Ahead…

  1. Oh man… I got weepy about the breastfeeding stuff… I am so fucking proud of you. And then I happy cried a little at Z vacumming under the fridge. And then I just full on cried that you’d be missing your man. Wheeeee…. what a ride. Your paper did not suck. Well, I’ll be… xo

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