Mama Humble Pie

You know how you think your kid is exceptional? Come on, we all do. We can’t help it. I’ve actually come to think that the wacked out impulse is totally normal, you just need to have a sense of humor and awareness about it. Because every kid isn’t an over-achieving special flower. In fact, telling a child that they are gifted and special and uber-intelligent actually just might backfire-they don’t think they need to work hard for anything because they know their natural state of being is extraordinary. If they have to try they already think they have failed. I’m trying hard to remember that. To compliment T and C on how hard they are trying rather on what comes easily to them.

But sometimes I get so excited about my kid’s special flower-ness that I get carried away with myself. On Wednesday I posted this status update to FB:

“For weeks T has been insisting we call him “Bumblebee the Yellow Car Transformer”, which is a major mouthful. This morning he switched it up. Now he is “Opt-Thomas Prime”. What a clever little nut-job.”

Man, was I ever proud that my guy was smart enough to figure out that play on words. I mean, he is only three. And 29 of my friends were kind enough to like the very braggy status. Cut to yesterday. My boy spiked a fever and so he was stuck on the sofa with Grandma’s iPad. He kept asking for the video with Opt-Thomas Prime. And I told him there wasn’t a video. It was something he made up in his head. That sweet, wonderful, clever little monkey made it up all on his own!

Um, actually he didn’t.

Yup, it is a Thomas the Tank Engine/Transformer Mashup that isn’t even appropriate for a three year old. And I now feel like I owe all 29 of my friends personal apologies. Friends- I am an asshole. A very braggy asshole. Not only is my son not a brilliant wordsmith, I’m being a shitty Mom by not monitoring what he is consuming via Youtube. Oops.

So what am I going to do now? Brag some more! Way to learn a lesson, Karen!

thomas writes his name

Little man knows how to write his name. And I can verify the authenticity of this one. I swear, I was sitting right there. What? You don’t believe a word I say now? I don’t really blame you….


The dashing superhero I had dinner with the other night. T is an extraordinary superhero, you know. Very advanced for his age. He can actually fly! And he has superhuman strength. We are so proud. And delusional.

ride em cowboy

And here is my cowboy. Although he is a mere 21 months old he already can lasso steer and ride bulls. Seriously, my children are so very gifted.

We’ve been on the road for almost a week. Missing Z like mad. He is blogging about his Japan adventures if anyone wants to check it out. I’m so excited for him, but I can’t wait to give him a hug in a few weeks. The posting will continue to be pretty sporadic for the next while. We are having fun adventures with family and are keeping very busy. Hope you are as well.


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