Current Level of Crazy

My sister and I were standing in the hall having a hurried conversation about god knows what yesterday. I suddenly smelled my armpits and rudely interrupted her with this short and rather manic monologue:

“My armpits really smell right now…even though I used drysol*. I use drysol every day, you know. I think it is giving me cancer. I mean, I think I have cancer right now. For the last week I’ve been thinking non-stop about how the cancer is eating me from the inside. I am now dying of cancer.”

She stared at me for a moment with her mouth open a little bit. “It would be fascinating to be inside your brain.”

So yes, the crazy is really rearing her ugly head and messing with my mind. I actually believe I am dying of cancer. Right now. I know it is ludicrous. I know that it probably isn’t true. The problem is I can’t help but believe it with my whole being.

*drysol is a prescription strength antiperspirant.  I’m gross enough to get a prescription for my hideous sweating problem. And vain enough to use it even though I know it probably is really bad for me.

huge bubble

We took the big boys to a children’s museum on a rainy afternoon. T made this awesome bubble.

beach rainbow

Later that evening there was a beautiful rainbow.

tidal pool

A tidal pool formed in front of a sandbar during low tide today and the boys did not want to get out of it.

cousins kiss goodbye

Today was our last day at the beach. My sister and her family took off after dinner tonight and the rest of us are out of here first thing in the morning. The big boys gave each other a huge hug goodbye and then very sweetly kissed goodbye as well.

The trip was awesome. I’m really sad that Z missed out on seeing his boys fall in love with the shore.


6 thoughts on “Current Level of Crazy

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one running around convinced deodorant is giving me cancer. I go around trying not to be paranoid enough to poke at my lymph nodes in public.

  2. I had a similar conversation with my husband last night. I told him I could feel a shiver in my left arm and asked him if that meant I had a brain tumor and that the tumor is on the right side of my brain. He said no and I asked if maybe it meant I have MS. He just stared at me and said that I have a very particular brand of crazy. I am still convinced I am dying of my arm shiver. Oh and I poke my lymph nodes too! Can’t believe I’m not the only one!

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