Earlier this afternoon I told T if he touched his brother one more time before dinner he would lose his dessert. A couple of minutes later I caught him trying to smother C with a blanket.

T didn’t take the no dessert news with a lot of grace. I held him close as he wept hysterically. “Is C having dessert?” he choked out. “I don’t think so.” “Are you?” After an awkward pause I told him I was not.

But that was a lie.

I’m having chocolate ice cream with motherfucking rainbow sprinkles right now. And each bite is a taste of heaven.

I deserve this ice cream, damn it. I did not try to smother a single living being today.

group at gannons

Yesterday we had ice cream at Gannon’s with old friends who were driving through town. This is really my friend M’s picture. Well, it was taken by a friendly stranger, but it was on M’s phone. Isn’t her daughter a doll?


Our local library installed an awesome new bike rack.

boys watching TV

The boys were very serious as they watched some post-lunch TV.

In other really quick news, last night when we were walking to our cars after ice cream C cried out, “Daddy!” while reaching for Z. It was the first time he used a name properly and I almost cried I was so happy.

Look at that…two relatively positive posts in a row. Who am I?


2 thoughts on “Dessert

  1. You absolutely deserve ice cream with rainbow sprinkles for making it a whole day without trying to smother another human being! Be proud of your accomplishment! Perhaps I should only have simple, plain vanilla ice cream tonight, for while I did not actually smother, nor did I physically act in such a way that would be construed as attempted smother, I did think about it a time or two. Or three.

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