Lost and Found

Our indoor cat got outside today. After we became parents we turned into dreadful cat owners. Momma May still doesn’t understand what the hell happened to her cushy situation. On the other hand, her daughter Gertrude has been scared of her own shadow since we found Momma and her three surviving kittens in the basement of an abandoned brownstone in Brooklyn more than a decade ago. So the only change to her life since T arrived is she hates everything even more.

Momma was only gone for a few hours, at dinner time she came right home. I might complain about her, but I was a mess. I do love her very much.

She’s incredibly maternal, our gal. We thought she was a kitten when we found her begging for food on a street corner. A neighbor told us she had a litter. Z had been adamantly anti-cat up until then, but he insisted we track down the kittens and take them all home.  We found homes for two of the littles and kept Momma and Gert. The veterinarian we took them to told us that starving cats either abandon their litters or nurse until they die. Momma was almost dead. And she nursed Gert until G was bigger than she was. It was kind of awkward. But that is Momma. She takes care of those who belong to her.

The boys have ruined her life. But she has the patience of a saint with them. They torment her. I try to prevent it. I tell them if I’m not around and she bites or scratches them I will have zero sympathy. Even so she wants to protect them. From the time they were new she would come running if they cried. For example:

Please let me assure you that T was recently fed, changed, and cuddled. He was three months old and freaking out because he was bored. Momma was trying her best to calm him. Do you see the derision in her eyes as she looks at me? She is telling me that she thinks I am the shittiest Mom on the planet.

C and Momma May

She lets them love her. She is pretty amazing.

Last week when my niece was visiting I held her in our living room as she wept. She is only 6 months old, she had been traveling for a week, her Mom needed to run upstairs. She came to the hard time she was having very honestly. Momma May was in the room as well. And she did not give one flying fuck that G was crying. She just hopped up into the basket in our changing table that is her favorite hiding place of late and curled up in a ball.

I was astounded. I kind of thought she was maternal towards all little creatures. She took care of her babies so well. She continues to take care of my babies. But evidently she doesn’t have the warm fuzzies for every baby on the planet. She knows who her family is. Smart lady. Clearly I don’t give her enough credit.

Momma is home

Here’s my little gray lady tonight. I’m glad she’s home.

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