Some dickweek cut me off while I was pulling into Wegmans this morning. I showed what I thought was supreme restraint in front of the boys by wildly gesturing without using my middle finger and yelling, “YOU ARE AN….IDIOT!”

T, “What does idiot mean?”

Me, “Um. Well, it’s a bad word that grown ups sometimes use. I shouldn’t have said it and I don’t want you to say it.”

T, “Ok. But what does it mean?”

Me, “It means not smart.”

T, “Why did you say it? I think that was a nice guy!”

Wow. Way to have my back little man.

Me, “He was most certainly not a nice guy! I was driving responsibly with my two boys in the car and he did something extremely dangerous. Listen dude, I care about you and your brother so much that I will get very angry anytime anyone does something that could hurt you.”

T, “Oh…..Then he was an idiot.”

Me, “Yes he was. But seriously, if you use that word again I’m not getting you a cupcake.”

The boys got me up at 6am on the dot. We have been to the bank, the farmer’s market, the grocery store, and the local pizza place. I have not bathed. I am sick with a gross cold. Z won’t get home till tomorrow night. Please wish me and my tenuous grasp on sanity good luck for the rest of the weekend.

c ready for bed

I tend to get flustered, oh…basically all the time, but specifically when I put both boys to bed. Last night I was rushing around and burst into C’s room to read to him. Seems he calmly got started without me.

playdoh transformers

The two on the left are autobots and the two on the right are decepticons. The outside ones are in robot mode and the inside ones are in vehicle mode. All made by him.


4 thoughts on “Idiot

    • Oh, I’m very complainy and whiney and resentful. And I bribed them with a donut at the farmers market and a cupcake at the grocery store, so my parenting is pretty sucky.

      Been thinking about you. I actually posted a comment on your blog several days ago, but I think it disappeared. I finally saw that you set the blog to public (I’d forget to check for weeks at a time because of the signing out and re-signing in and not getting notifications when you were posting and because I’m lazy with an excuse for everything) and IMMEDIATELY added you to my blog roll.

      Congratulations, by the way. I’m so happy for you and your family that I could burst.

  1. When I was a little kid around T’s age, mom dropped a bag of grocerys and said “oh shit”. Which I apparently repeated often at the most innapropriate times. Good luck this weekend! And let’s hope T doesn’t start calling his teachers idiots, because that would be hilarious!!

    • Ha! Kids are the best that way. I can’t believe he hasn’t said a real swear yet. We are trying to be super careful around him.

      And his teachers are absolutely lovely. If he calls them idiots I will die of embarrassment.

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