Even More Questions For My Smart Friends

Question One

Woke up on the mend health-wise. The boys even let us sleep in until 6:30, so Z and I were scrambling a bit to start the day. In order to save time I didn’t do my usual stretches before heading out the door for my jog. Ok, so my chest still is a bit tight. I might have hacked up a violently yellow and nearly solid luggie (sorry) and blown an alarming amount of snot out of my nose. But really, I am feeling better than I was. And I did skip an extra day of jogging to I could recuperate.

So smart exercising friends of mine, can you tell me why I developed the worst stitch of my life about a tenth of a mile in? At first I thought I would just slowly jog through the pain (located on the right side about a third of the way up between my pelvis and bellybutton). Less than half a mile along I found myself walking even though I was very clearly telling my body to stop being a baby and continue jogging. The pain started to ease a bit, but I knew Z was late to work already and I couldn’t add a bunch of extra time to my work out. At about .6 of a mile I turned around and headed home, rather horrified by my defeat. Halfway home I tried jogging again, did not make it far before the stitch came back and the sharp pain was too much. Walked the rest of the way with my tail between my legs. What the fuck, smart friends? Was it skipping stretching? Still being a little sick? This is my first stitch since starting the exercising. And at the beginning I was drinking a huge cup of coffee before heading out. I’m pissed, kind of embarrassed, and I really don’t want this to happen tomorrow.

Question Two

Hey smart friends who are shampoo free! Hi there fellow hair hippies! Here’s the deal. November will mark two years since I’ve stopped using shampoo. While the baking soda/apple cider vinegar combo is not perfect I’ve been happier with it than I have with regular shampoo and conditioner. And I have really loved getting into the habit of only washing once or twice a week. Until I started exercising almost three months ago. When I exercise I sweat. Like a whore in church. Who has just jogged two miles. My hair is wet and gross and just rinsing with water does not cut it. I jog five days a week so suddenly I am using baking soda/apple cider vinegar 5 days. And my hair feels disgusting. I’ve tried less baking soda and less vinegar. Still gross. My hair feels like it has a film on it and it is really dull. What gives? I am so close to throwing in the towel and going back to shampoo and conditioner. Because if I need to choose between the two it is the shampoo free that is going to go.

Sorry for the selfish and boring “help me!” post. Picking up my parents at the airport this afternoon, so posting is going to be on the light side this week. Not that no posts over here is going to be crushing to anyone, just thought I’d provide the info….

daddy home

Look who’s home. He forgot to pack a razor and didn’t shave for the whole trip. Looked like a stranger when he got home.

nothing to see here

The face of a child who has been up to no good.

piano percher

Perching on the piano. No pants, of course.

photo (10)

Here’s the hair unfiltered. Also not really combed and not fully dry from my shower, but personal grooming is not my forte. I’m super excited about the new sweater I’m wearing, though. Yay JCrew clearance sales for 75% off the original price! Yay trompe l’oeil! Yay Peter Pan collars!


13 thoughts on “Even More Questions For My Smart Friends

  1. I’m not super smart about running and stitches, but, if you are sick and having trouble breathing that could contribute. Part of the reason you get a stitch (according to my high school track coach) is a lack of oxygen and a build up of lactic acid in the cells of the muscles so shallow breathing or breathing through a lot of snot could be a cause. Also, if you’re taking meds for the cold and not drinking enough water you could be a little dehydrated which causes muscle cramps. Hope it doesn’t happen next time. Glad you’re feeling better and you’re no longer on your own with the boys.

  2. I had bronchitis for awhile while running and it sucked. I would get winded and side-aches, too, so I would say just take it easy. I mean, you can’t expect to perform to the same standard while sick/recovering as healthy. Well you could expect to, but that’s not reasonable according to normal people standards 😉

    No clue about the no-poo. I tried it for awhile and missed the lather feel. I think my hair looked better, but I didn’t quite do it for long enough. My go to for no-poo info is laotioncommotion, though…she blogs here on wordpress and is awesome!

  3. I always pinch the side aches and bend into them to try and get them to relax. Same advice for leg cramps, etc. Counterintuitive, but if you actually contract them more, they will often relax. You probably got it from dehydration, get some water in you a little while before you run. Because I exercise most days, I find I have to wash my hair almost every day. When people say wash only every few days, I can only think about how incredibly sweaty and yucky my hair gets when I work out. And water just doesn’t get all that salty crud out. Good luck on finding a solution there, somebody probably has a decent one!

  4. Not sure about the running, but I just use conditioner and no shampoo. That seems to work pretty well and it cleans as well as moisturizes your hair. Shampoo just dries it out, especially if you use it together with conditioner or in a 2-in-1. So if you have to go back, I’d recommend using just conditioner.

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