Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

After expressing relief to my sister that my second born was going to be a boy a couple of years ago (not because I don’t adore girls, but because I don’t think I’m a good enough Mother to raise a girl in the way that she deserves) she laughed at me. “I remember when you were in your early 20s you used to say you’d only have girls. And if you had a boy you would shove him back up into your vagina until he turned into a girl.”

Oh. I forgot. But yeah. Totally used to say that.

While honesty is sometime I strive for, and you know, the name of the blog, my personal honesty is…complicated. I mean what I say in the moment. But I’m also completely open to changing my mind. And on top of that I do not employ much of a filter. It’s always gotten me in trouble. I mean, come on. Shove a boy back into my vagina until he turns into a girl? Oh lord, early 20s Karen. What was wrong with you?

For years I would tell anyone who would listen that you couldn’t get me to run even if someone was chasing me with a gun. I’d rather just lie on the ground and be shot than exert myself. Um. Yeah. Been jogging five times a week for four months now….

Two years ago I stopped using shampoo. I’ve been using baking soda and apple cider vinegar. In January on this very blog I proclaimed that I didn’t see myself ever going back to regular shampoo.

I’m bummed. Really disappointed, but I’m going back to shampoo. Got my hair trimmed yesterday and explained to the woman who cuts it how gross it has felt. I’ve gone from using the baking soda and vinegar once or twice a week, which was great, to using it five days out of seven. The five days I jog. And even though I’ve cut back to less than half a teaspoon of baking soda my hair is dry and brittle and worse there is a build up on my scalp. So while I might not have true dandruff I have a ton of flakes. She felt my hair and said there was definitely a build up on the strands themselves, she also confirmed the scalp situation.

When I jog I sweat. I don’t perspire a little. I get soaked. If I don’t hop in the shower the moment I get home drops of water flow off of my body so I feel like Alice in Wonderland when she is a giant and cries. Yup, I feel like I’m going to flood my home with my sweat.

The baking soda isn’t effectively cleaning the salt out of my hair. It’s just drying it out. The woman who cuts my hair is a runner. Like a real one who does marathons and stuff. She told me that on the days she goes for long runs there is so much salt in her hair that she has to wash it three or four times to get it clean.

So I’m going back to shampoo for now. Because I don’t want to give up the jogging. And I’m tired of having dirty, flakey hair. If I find a great sulfate free shampoo option I’ll totally let you guys know.

Life is a balancing act. I’d like to get more chemicals out of my bathroom. The truth is I use Irish Spring soap on my body, which is as unnatural as you can get. Hopefully that is counteracted by the Tom’s of Maine toothpaste I’ve been using for 18 years. And at this point in my life the health benefits of regularly exercising outweigh the benefits of what method I use to clean my hair.

photo (23)

Speaking of exercising, I’m going to try to jog outside as far into the winter as I can. So I’ve had to get cold weather gear. Found these awesome pants at Target. They are moisture wicking, but both heavier and looser than running tights so eventually I can wear them on top of the tights. It’s been in the 30s or 40s when I’ve been going recently, not quite cold enough to need two layers. But after going commando one day I realized something more was needed.

photo (22)

I’d never wear these out of the house alone. Duh. They are massively unflattering to my tree trunk legged self and ride up after a jog. But I got them on sale at target for about $5. And they are brilliant as exercise underwear for the pants above.

photo (26)

First day using shampoo. My hair hasn’t had this much body in I don’t remember how long, which is not saying a lot. Totally weird to smell like shampoo.


12 thoughts on “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

  1. I feel your pain! Good on you for jogging so much, but it sucks having to go back to something you’ve strived to be absent of. I have a book that addresses dry scalp as a result a result of baking soda washing. I’ll pass along the advice when I find it! 🙂

    • Yes, you were totally horrified by my grand experiment. I must admit as the day goes on it is nice having soft, clean, good smelling hair. I suck at being a hippie. Although tonight I am bottling kombucha for the first time…..

  2. I use Body Shop Shine shampoo and conditioner. It is sulfate~free and so far, I like it. It is sorta expensive, so I buy it whenever the website has 50% off sales! Cheerio!

  3. While the entirety of L’oreal is not cruelty-free (and I recognize that a single cruelty free product makes no sense, if you buy a product you put money in the big pot of a company) the Shampoo line EverPure is fantastic and sulfate free. I love it. And it is not hella expensive.

    • You know what? Every little bit does count. When my parents tease me for doing something environmentally conscious while doing something else counter to the first thing (judge me, but I cannot give up cottonelle TP) I ask them if the answer is to either be perfect or do nothing. Because who is perfect? And I’m sorry, I’m not doing nothing. Googling EverPure right now….

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