Morning Maladies

Fainting. Never done it. Always been freaked out by it.

This morning I’ve been frighteningly light headed. Thought the time might have come for a first faint. Wondered how we were going to rearrange our day to accommodate a bizarre fainting illness. Got really terrified. Slumped on the sofa as I watched Z rush around making eggs for the boys.

As he was leaving for work I found the words to explain what was going on in my head. “I mean, it could be vertigo. It could be anxiety. It could be a migraine.”

Z, “Karen. Karen. Don’t you think it is anxiety?”

Me, “Well….I guess it could be.” Yes, after twenty years of a chronic anxiety disorder I still need to be convinced that I am having panic attacks. I know, I know.

Z, “Perhaps it is your side cancer.” Did I not mention that to you guys? I got side cancer a few weeks ago. By which I mean I made a self diagnosis. I also invented the disease of side cancer.

Me, “No, I’m in remission.”

Don’t worry about Z folks. We have couples therapy tonight.

t smile

This is what constitutes a smile from T these days. Sigh.

c building

Little man building a truck.


5 thoughts on “Morning Maladies

  1. Sorry, but I cracked up at side cancer too. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. And nobody here believes you are mocking cancer!

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