Unplowed roads meant the boys didn’t go to school this morning.

They both have colds.

My throat started hurting by noon.

Walked over a mile in a snowstorm to school.

Classes were cancelled shortly thereafter, but we didn’t know that in our class so we stayed til the end.

I slipped and fell on the way home.

The plow came while I was gone and blocked our driveway so I shoveled it out so Z could pull in.

C had pooped during his nap and taken his diaper off. The sitter did a great job dealing with the mess, way above her pay grade. But I found crusted poop on the floor of his room and he simply smelled like feces.

I cleaned up the shit and gave him a bath.

T gagged on leftovers from two nights ago. Two nights ago when he cleaned his plate and told me I made good food.

This was not a fun day.

So I was really looking forward to the one cadbury creme egg  left on the counter after dinner.

I earned that damn egg.

Also, it would seem that I ate that damn egg yesterday.


I really wanted that creme egg.

stroll in the snow

After my delightful stroll in the snow.

star wars stickers

The boys playing with Star Wars stickers this morning. T is obviously Spider-Man.


6 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Sometime you just really need that one little thing… I’ve just realized how often I “treat” myself to food after a hard day. It’s a hard habit to break, when that one little indulgence can be so restorative!

    • Oh, I have zero desire to break the food-as-reward habit. Except, you know, on days like today when I break the habit by accident and am full of childish resentment. Was planning a trip to the grocery store tomorrow anyway, but now I sure know what I’ll be stocking up on!

  2. I probably would have cried over the egg, not even joking. I’ve had a string of those kind of days lately…. I will be picking up some creme eggs later – good idea 🙂

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