Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

After expressing relief to my sister that my second born was going to be a boy a couple of years ago (not because I don’t adore girls, but because I don’t think I’m a good enough Mother to raise a girl in the way that she deserves) she laughed at me. “I remember when you were in your early 20s you used to say you’d only have girls. And if you had a boy you would shove him back up into your vagina until he turned into a girl.”

Oh. I forgot. But yeah. Totally used to say that.

While honesty is sometime I strive for, and you know, the name of the blog, my personal honesty is…complicated. I mean what I say in the moment. But I’m also completely open to changing my mind. And on top of that I do not employ much of a filter. It’s always gotten me in trouble. I mean, come on. Shove a boy back into my vagina until he turns into a girl? Oh lord, early 20s Karen. What was wrong with you?

For years I would tell anyone who would listen that you couldn’t get me to run even if someone was chasing me with a gun. I’d rather just lie on the ground and be shot than exert myself. Um. Yeah. Been jogging five times a week for four months now….

Two years ago I stopped using shampoo. I’ve been using baking soda and apple cider vinegar. In January on this very blog I proclaimed that I didn’t see myself ever going back to regular shampoo.

I’m bummed. Really disappointed, but I’m going back to shampoo. Got my hair trimmed yesterday and explained to the woman who cuts it how gross it has felt. I’ve gone from using the baking soda and vinegar once or twice a week, which was great, to using it five days out of seven. The five days I jog. And even though I’ve cut back to less than half a teaspoon of baking soda my hair is dry and brittle and worse there is a build up on my scalp. So while I might not have true dandruff I have a ton of flakes. She felt my hair and said there was definitely a build up on the strands themselves, she also confirmed the scalp situation.

When I jog I sweat. I don’t perspire a little. I get soaked. If I don’t hop in the shower the moment I get home drops of water flow off of my body so I feel like Alice in Wonderland when she is a giant and cries. Yup, I feel like I’m going to flood my home with my sweat.

The baking soda isn’t effectively cleaning the salt out of my hair. It’s just drying it out. The woman who cuts my hair is a runner. Like a real one who does marathons and stuff. She told me that on the days she goes for long runs there is so much salt in her hair that she has to wash it three or four times to get it clean.

So I’m going back to shampoo for now. Because I don’t want to give up the jogging. And I’m tired of having dirty, flakey hair. If I find a great sulfate free shampoo option I’ll totally let you guys know.

Life is a balancing act. I’d like to get more chemicals out of my bathroom. The truth is I use Irish Spring soap on my body, which is as unnatural as you can get. Hopefully that is counteracted by the Tom’s of Maine toothpaste I’ve been using for 18 years. And at this point in my life the health benefits of regularly exercising outweigh the benefits of what method I use to clean my hair.

photo (23)

Speaking of exercising, I’m going to try to jog outside as far into the winter as I can. So I’ve had to get cold weather gear. Found these awesome pants at Target. They are moisture wicking, but both heavier and looser than running tights so eventually I can wear them on top of the tights. It’s been in the 30s or 40s when I’ve been going recently, not quite cold enough to need two layers. But after going commando one day I realized something more was needed.

photo (22)

I’d never wear these out of the house alone. Duh. They are massively unflattering to my tree trunk legged self and ride up after a jog. But I got them on sale at target for about $5. And they are brilliant as exercise underwear for the pants above.

photo (26)

First day using shampoo. My hair hasn’t had this much body in I don’t remember how long, which is not saying a lot. Totally weird to smell like shampoo.


Even More Questions For My Smart Friends

Question One

Woke up on the mend health-wise. The boys even let us sleep in until 6:30, so Z and I were scrambling a bit to start the day. In order to save time I didn’t do my usual stretches before heading out the door for my jog. Ok, so my chest still is a bit tight. I might have hacked up a violently yellow and nearly solid luggie (sorry) and blown an alarming amount of snot out of my nose. But really, I am feeling better than I was. And I did skip an extra day of jogging to I could recuperate.

So smart exercising friends of mine, can you tell me why I developed the worst stitch of my life about a tenth of a mile in? At first I thought I would just slowly jog through the pain (located on the right side about a third of the way up between my pelvis and bellybutton). Less than half a mile along I found myself walking even though I was very clearly telling my body to stop being a baby and continue jogging. The pain started to ease a bit, but I knew Z was late to work already and I couldn’t add a bunch of extra time to my work out. At about .6 of a mile I turned around and headed home, rather horrified by my defeat. Halfway home I tried jogging again, did not make it far before the stitch came back and the sharp pain was too much. Walked the rest of the way with my tail between my legs. What the fuck, smart friends? Was it skipping stretching? Still being a little sick? This is my first stitch since starting the exercising. And at the beginning I was drinking a huge cup of coffee before heading out. I’m pissed, kind of embarrassed, and I really don’t want this to happen tomorrow.

Question Two

Hey smart friends who are shampoo free! Hi there fellow hair hippies! Here’s the deal. November will mark two years since I’ve stopped using shampoo. While the baking soda/apple cider vinegar combo is not perfect I’ve been happier with it than I have with regular shampoo and conditioner. And I have really loved getting into the habit of only washing once or twice a week. Until I started exercising almost three months ago. When I exercise I sweat. Like a whore in church. Who has just jogged two miles. My hair is wet and gross and just rinsing with water does not cut it. I jog five days a week so suddenly I am using baking soda/apple cider vinegar 5 days. And my hair feels disgusting. I’ve tried less baking soda and less vinegar. Still gross. My hair feels like it has a film on it and it is really dull. What gives? I am so close to throwing in the towel and going back to shampoo and conditioner. Because if I need to choose between the two it is the shampoo free that is going to go.

Sorry for the selfish and boring “help me!” post. Picking up my parents at the airport this afternoon, so posting is going to be on the light side this week. Not that no posts over here is going to be crushing to anyone, just thought I’d provide the info….

daddy home

Look who’s home. He forgot to pack a razor and didn’t shave for the whole trip. Looked like a stranger when he got home.

nothing to see here

The face of a child who has been up to no good.

piano percher

Perching on the piano. No pants, of course.

photo (10)

Here’s the hair unfiltered. Also not really combed and not fully dry from my shower, but personal grooming is not my forte. I’m super excited about the new sweater I’m wearing, though. Yay JCrew clearance sales for 75% off the original price! Yay trompe l’oeil! Yay Peter Pan collars!

Bad Behavior All Around

T and I threw on rain boots and took a leisurely walk through the quickly melting piles of snow to  the coffeeshop two blocks from our house. I convinced him to make the trip by promising him he could pick out a treat when we got there. Coffee shops are not toddler friendly environments, and I try to be respectful of the folks clacking away on their laptops. We always get our stuff to go while being as quiet at possible. T picked out his chocolate chip muffin and as I settled up he took the truck he carried with him and started roughly running it on a low table in front of two arm chairs. I asked him to stop, explaining that it might mark up the table which didn’t belong to him. He looked at me and shouted, “NO!”

Ok. So we’ve made it almost three and a half years before he talked, well yelled, back at me in public. Is that average? What I wish is that I was mature and confident enough to just deal with his behavior rather than feel completely humiliated by having a brat for a kid. Because that humiliation clouds my judgement. My mind races, I wonder if my shitty parenting isn’t what is making him act out. He is misbehaving so much lately that punishment isn’t working. If we went that direction dude would spent almost every waking moment in time out. I’m not as consistant as I’ve promised myself I would be. If he is being a shit and I’m up to my elbows in C’s poop diaper, or making dinner, or unloading the dishwasher, or on the can myself, or just fucking done and unable to handle him any more I can’t address the behavior. I’ve taken the time to download a book about parenting a defiant child on my Nook, but I haven’t bothered to actually read the fucking thing. In the second between him yelling and everyone in the shop staring at us that is the stuff I think about. And I have no idea what the right thing to do is.

I grabbed him by the arm, bent down to his level and hissed at him that if he told me no again he would not get the treat. I snatched the truck from him, and out of hands myself I passed it to C who was on my chest in the Ergo. I told him to apologize. Right. Now. He sullenly did.

I finished paying without being able to make eye contact with the nice gal behind the counter and face burning I hustled his ass out of there. Once we reached the street I launched into a monologue which included such gems as “I am trying to raise you to be a contributing member of society and that includes being respectful to both me and any person we come across.” and “If you are unable to listen to me and behave yourself I will not take you places and get you treats.” and that perennial favorite “Do you understand me? Do you? Do you? Well, you need to tell me.”

He’s three. Three. Yes, he is a raging asshole. But evidently so I am. Because my reaction is doing zero to help the situation. I can’t reason with him. I can’t ask him to be a fucking contributing member of society.

My sisters-in-law are having a baby kind of any day now. A couple of days ago one posted this article to the other’s wall on FB. It’s a good article. But my reaction to it was completely illogical. I felt searing and all consuming jealousy of them. Because I remember being at the point just before T was born when Z and I were having intense discussions about how we planned on raising them. Our intentions were pure, we were ready for the hard work, and we hadn’t made a single mistake yet. Sweet fucking jesus I want to go back to the moment where I haven’t made a mistake yet. Parenting is so much harder than I expected it to be. And Z and I expected it to be really hard. I feel completely defeated so many days, like I’m failing the boys and failing myself. Before I had T I swore I’d never bribe my kid. We bribe him all the time. We also yell, plead, beg. All stuff I’d watched parents do before I was one with contempt, judgement, superiority. I’m not a huge fan of the word “humble”. I think it is constantly misused–“I’m humbled by your adoration”, etc. Well, parenthood has completely humbled me. Here is something I knew would be hard, but I thought I could handle it. I screw up every day. I doubt what I’m doing. And there is no way out, no way to start over. The only alternative is pushing up my sleeves and trying again. Even though I know I’ll continue to fail them.

The amazing thing is I’m glad we did it. As much as I suck at it some days I’m so glad I get to be T and C’s Mom. It is fun to stomp in melting snow piles on the way to the coffee shop. It is fun to watch your kid look at all the baked goodies and pick his favorite. It is fun to cuddle with C, the huggiest baby in the history of the universe. It is fun to throw T over my shoulder and pretend I don’t know where he is as he squeals with delight.

It’s fun to have spontaneous dance parties to Postal Service on Saturday night.
It’s fun to throw snow.
And it is important to remind myself that it is worth it. 
New topic: 
And another No Shampoo update. It’s been around 14 months. I really don’t see myself going back to using shampoo. But this winter I’ve had terrible dry scalp. Like itching all the time. Like tiny little horrifying flakes. Got my hair cut a few days ago and the stylist told me that it wasn’t dandruff, that stuff is much larger. She said my skin was just really super dry and she suggested coconut oil. I’m still doing the oil pulling and I’m a big fan of the stuff. So Saturday night I slathered a ton onto my scalp and slept in it. On Sunday I didn’t even use the baking soda/apple cider vinegar. I just rinsed it really well. It didn’t look greasy and my scalp didn’t itch at all. I also didn’t notice any flakes. Pretty damn awesome.

Update: I forgot! That’s my great-grandfather in the picture with me, Alfredo Cordano! Handsome son of a gun, huh?

Oil Pulling

Last night after a meltdown in which I wept my way through making pork roast, rice pilaf, and sauteed broccoli with red pepper flakes in a little sesame oil, after I’d taken the chill pill that Z begged me to swallow, after I’d given him the laundry list of everything that was overwhelming me-everything we had to do before leaving town on Saturday, after we’d gotten the boys down including my sick little C whose temp had spiked back up to 102.8 Z joined me in the bathroom where I was swallowing my nightly pile of pills.

Me, “I’ve been doing something I haven’t told you about for the last few days.”
Z, “Oh lord.”
Me, “No, it isn’t anything bad.” At this point I was fighting the giggles. “Um, have you heard of..” I was laughing so hard I was having trouble getting the words out, “um, oil pulling?”
Z, “What? What the fuck is that?”
Me, “It’s an Ayurvedic technique.”
Z, “Jesus Christ, is this some hippie shit you heard about from J?” (Yes, J-he totally threw you under the bus).
Me, “Actually, no. I read about it on the internet.”
Z, “Ok, you are no longer allowed to use the internet ever again.”
Me, “Why is this a big deal? You don’t even know what it is! You just swish oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes a couple of times a day. It’s supposed to pull out toxins and stuff and make your mouth healthier.”
Z, “Gross.” pause “What kind of oil?”
Me, “I’ve been using coconut oil. It kind of makes me gag until it liquifies, but I just do it while I’m showering. It’s fine. And my mouth feels clean. And it is supposed to help with snot. You know about my snot problem.”
Z, “Why do you fool around with this crazy natural shit?”
Me, “I’m sorry? I believe you quite enjoy the no shampoo situation.”
Z, “Well, that isn’t gross.”
Me, “Whatever. I’m doing it. And now you know.”
Z rolled his eyes so hard as he left the bathroom that he might have given himself a concussion.

It’s been a draining week. But not in the my-mental-illness-is-making-everyone’s-life-hell way, just regular everyone is sick and apprehensive about the huge holiday trip we are taking staring tomorrow way. Normal draining is kind of a relief after the post biopsy week trip to crazy town. I was diagnosed with a sinus infection on Monday. C woke with a high fever on Wednesday and was diagnosed with an ear infection. The doc terrified me because she thought he had the flu on top of it. Of course, on the way to the appointment I’d heard a piece on NPR that said thousands if not tens of thousands of Americans would die of the flu this year which did not help my mental state. I kept repeating plaintively “But he’s had his flu shot! He’s had his flu shot!” Evidently there are two strains going around our community that weren’t in the shot…But his antibiotics are doing their thing, he is much better. Luckily it would appear the flu isn’t involved.

This sweet kid was so scary sick on Wednesday. He puked his antibiotics and most of dinner all over himself. But the great news is he finally hit 20lbs on the scale at the doc’s office. Only took 15 1/2 months! And I thought T was skinny… 

Sick Mommy and sick baby.
Last night C couldn’t quite make it to bedtime so he snuggled with my handsome man. Speaking of Z, the two week post colposcopy/biopsy ban has been lifted. But I’m on antibiotics, so the pill might not be controlling birth. We are at the exact time of year that we conceived the two boys-four years ago and two years ago. If we were going to have a third we would be trying right now. And we are really sure that we can’t handle another as much as we’d love one. Also, I have that little bleeding problem. So because the holidays seem to turn me into a fertile Myrtle we are being very careful. If we do accidentally get pregnant (and we won’t) Z suggested he move into a hotel from Thanksgiving to Christmas moving forward. I think he’d risk having a third just for the kind of break the holidays would provide him. He better not be replacing my pills with sugar tabs. I saw that once on Days of Our Lives back in the 90s.

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

This weekend was a rough one at Chez Cordano-Leonard. Seems like a good time to post the “Being a Toddler Sucks” thing I started on March 27th of this year and never finished. Four months later we are struggling with the same shit.


Last Friday T, C, and I hosted the playgroup we are part of at our house.

(Can I start with another tangent? I resisted playgroups for a long time. I didn’t want to make friends based solely on the fact that the people were parents because I didn’t want my identity to be that tied to being a mom. And then I grew the hell up and realized that I didn’t have to be best friends with every mom I meet, and that when you make friends there is usually a commonality so who gives a fuck if that commonality is parenthood? I know many wonderful people who don’t have kids and who also managed to grow up, but clearly I was unable to be one of them. Mothering has been a kick in the pants for me, I’m still a self absorbed jerk, but I’m less of one now that I have kids. Kind of shameful, but at least the growing up is happening, you know, in my mid 30s. So yes, I love the playgroup.)

One of the moms has a son who just turned one. She heard me “counting” at T as a disciplinary technique and she asked when I started that. We had a conversation about it and she noted that it really has worked for T and that he does a great job listening. I said something like, “Well, he has a really long way to go.”

A few minutes later I realized how incredibly unfair that was to him, so I found my way back to her and thanked her for complimenting his behavior and said I agreed that he was doing well. My expectations for him are high. And my reaction was colored by a really rough week. T’s teacher told me that kids often experience a major backslide in behavior when a sibling gets very sick, so he’s coming by his behavior honestly. But his father and I have been ready to wring his adorable little neck.

There is a lot going on in T’s world right now that is awesome. He is lucky enough to go to an amazing preschool, he has a father who absolutely revels in spending time with him, his grandparents who he adores are here for a visit, and now that his brother and he go down for naps around the same time and there is only one of me he gets to watch a video in the early afternoon while I nurse C to sleep upstairs. Life is damn good for this kid. At least that is what I’m constantly telling myself. I also tell myself that I would love to trade places with him. I’d love to spend all day playing, to have everyone else cater to my sleep schedule, to have all my meals prepared, to get snacks whenever the hell I want them, to have someone there to kiss my boo-boos when I fall down, to nap every day.

But the truth is being a toddler sucks. He is desperately trying to figure out his place in this world and our family. He wants to know what he can get away with, it is his job to push boundaries. Suddenly he is shouting “No!” in an incredibly disrespectful way at us and at our friends. A few months ago he started telling us he didn’t want stuff. Like his book before bed or his drink of water or even his dessert. And the second we say, “OK, no dessert.” He shouts, “I WANT DESSERT!” What he wants is to see how long he can get away with jerking us around or how long he can drag out the bedtime routine. We’ve been proactive. We’ve explained to him that if he says “No!” to something we’ll give him to the count of three to change his mind, but then we are going with what he said. He’s getting it, not all the time, but he is getting that we will not spend our entire day indulging his every whim.

The “Whys?” have started as well. “Why can’t I have a bath now?” “Why can’t I say ‘No!’ to you?” “Why can’t I have a chip?” Sometimes I completely fail. I tell him, “Because I said so!” But a lot of the time I answer the questions as well as I can. Sometimes he is stalling with the questions, but he is also actually trying to figure stuff out. It sucks for him that I get to say, “No!” all day long and he can’t say it back to me. It sucks that I’m in charge and he has to listen to me, even if I explain that it is my job to tell him “No!” so he can learn how to be a responsible and kind person.

Some days I feel bad for him, some days I wallow and feel bad for myself for being stuck with him, and some days I do manage to feel grateful. He is hilarious and cuddly and holy shit, the other day I was trying to nurse C before his nap while T was supposed to be watching a video downstairs. Suddenly I saw him wander by C’s bedroom door, naked from the waist down. The moment he came into my sightline a little nugget of poo fell from his bottom. That stuff is the comedy gold and it helps get me through the rough days.

I love my frustrating, frustrated, joyful, confused, pissed off, amazing little boy.

And now it’s time for a quick “No Shampoo” update. 
Front view.
I’ve been shampoo free for more than 8 months. This summer has been pretty frustrating. Part of the reason is I’m still shedding so much that I’ll be completely bald come fall. My initial postpartum shedding started when C was about 3-4 months and continued for several more months, but slowed down at the beginning of the year. Around that time I started taking the low hormone birth control pill. I now remember that when I was 16 and started the pill I had terrible shedding. In March I started losing hair again, and it hasn’t slowed. It has been pretty awful.

**Update** The shedding has nothing to do with how I wash my hair. Sorry for any confusion. 

Side view.
But there have also been issues with the cleaning process. Initially I used 1 T of baking soda. I’ve now cut that in half because it was so drying on my scalp it started giving me dandruff. Not cool. I’ve also had to wash with baking soda/apple cider vinegar every other day or so (down from every four days) because my hair is getting dirty and greasy in the heat. I’m still sticking with it because I know I was unhappy with conventional shampoo when I was using it and I really don’t want to go back. On pinterest a friend pinned a link to this technique, and I might give it a try. If I do I’ll let you guys know how it works. 
Back view.
These pictures aren’t filtered in any way. Just no flash in our 3rd floor bathroom. They would have been better if I’d gone downstairs to grab my comb. But the uncombed look is definitely more honest, and that my friends, is what this blog is all about. So it’s still pretty darn shiny, which is nice. Just ignore the fact that I need a trim, and that I’m, you know, balding. Anyway, I’d still recommend the technique. Be aware that you need to pay attention and constantly tinker with the amounts. If anyone has specific questions I’d be happy to answer away.

The No Shampoo Thing

And now for something completely different….Back in early November I decided to take the plunge into the world of no shampoo. Don’t get all grossed out, I still clean my hair. I just do it with a baking soda and water combo followed by diluted raw apple cider vinegar. I’d first heard of this method over the summer, but I wanted to talk to the knowledgable lady who cuts my hair before I started myself. She told me it sounded like it would work and told me I should give it a shot. I’m almost 4 months in, and honestly can’t see going back to shampoo and conditioner. Today I got my first haircut since the switch. The lovely lady I go to has been cutting my hair since we moved here and she said my hair has never felt so good. She said it was fuller looking (and I’ve just experienced extreme post partum hair shedding), shiny, and soft. She owns the salon I go to, and she sells shampoo and conditioner. But she said she was going to suggest the method to some of her clients. There is absolutely no reason for her to blow smoke up my ass about this, it seriously has made a change in my hair. I’ve thought so, but it made me feel great to get a professional’s feedback. I’ve chronicled a bit of the experiment on facebook and a couple of friends asked for details. So here goes:

I bought plastic measuring spoons, and a plastic 1 C measuring cup. Yes plastic isn’t environmentally friendly, but seriously, it is bathroom safe. At the hospital they gave me a 1 C capacity squeeze bottle to wash my lady bits with warm water postpartum. Yes, I’m going to gross you out and admit I use it for my hair now. What? It was free. And I totally ran it through the dishwater. A lot of people mix quantities in advance, but I find it easy enough to mix what I need the day I wash my hair. I put just less than 1 tablespoon of baking soda in the measuring cup and fill it to 1C with hot water. I swirl it around and pour it into the squeeze bottle and then set it on the rim of the tub. Then I wash out the measuring cup, shake the bottle of vinegar to incorporate the sediment, pour in 2 tablespoons of vinegar, and fill it to 1C with hot water and then set the measuring cup on the side of the tub. Before I get in I comb my hair. Then I wet it down, shake the squeeze bottle, and really saturate my hair with it, getting all parts of my scalp. For a minute or two I massage my scalp and then I rinse really well. I grab the measuring cup of vinegar and drop the ends of my hair (which tend to be dry) in for a minute or two. Then I pour it on my scalp. Let it hang out for a bit, then rinse it really really well. The last thing I do is comb my hair with the water running on it. I do this about every 4th day. On the other days I just wet my hair, massage my scalp for a bit, and comb it with water running on it. Days I’m washing doesn’t take much longer than conventional shampoo and conditioner.

This is what works for my hair. The bummer is it might not be exactly what you need, so you need to experiment until you get it right. But once you do it will be worth it.
Stuff to know:

  • A friend who also does this mentioned she used shampoo out of convenience and two days later her hair was greasy. This is because shampooing completely strips your hair and scalp of oil. That’s why it feels “clean”. But it sends your scalp into crazy oil over production. So if you give this a shot, well, for the first several days or weeks your hair might be greasy until it stops over producing. Which sucks. But stick with it and you’ll be rewarded. 
  • While visiting family over the holidays I needed to wash every 3 days, rather than every 4 because of the soft water at my family’s home. Evidently, how often you need to wash can change with the seasons as well. Just pay attention to what your hair wants.
  • My hair cut lady told me all hair product is water soluble. My hair is dreadfully flat and fine, so I use gel at the roots every day. Because my ends are dry I also rub a bit of oil into the bottoms every day. On the days I don’t clean, the water rinse removes those items and I reapply. 
  • No, you don’t smell like vinegar. I promise. Sometimes I can still faintly smell it at the end of my shower, but never when it is dry. You just smell like…nothing. Which is super disconcerting after a lifetime of shampoo fragrance. The body oil on the ends helps with that. The kind I like is extremely expensive, though. So I’ve gotten some jojoba oil and the essential oils in the pricy one I like and I’m mixing my own. Be careful to just use a tiny bit if you are going this route. The ends can look really greasy really fast if you use too much.
  • If your hair seems dry, cut back on the amount of baking soda. If you hair seems greasy, cut back on the amount of vinegar. 
  • We traveled for three weeks to two different locations over the holidays and I had no problem doing this. I brought my cup and spoon and bought apple cider vinegar (regular stuff, not the braggs and it was fine) and baking soda at the locations. 
  • Before I did this I washed and conditioned my hair every single day. I’ve learned that was too much no matter if one does this method or sticks to the shampoo. It’s not good to strip your hair every single day. So if you’re doing that, cut it out. Even if you don’t do the hippy dippy no shampoo deal.
  • The meaning of “clean” changes for you. When I used shampoo my hair would literally squeak when I ran my hands over it after rinsing. And I loved that feeling. But that feeling was actually terrible for my hair. So I’ve just gotten used to life without it. But I honestly don’t feel unclean. And I’m one of those hyper vigilant people about cleanliness. But now my hair is clean and healthy.
If there are any questions I’d be happy to answer them to the best of my ability. But this is all just my experience and I’m not expert. This post really does have great info. If any of you decide to do it, please do let me know how it goes! 
My supplies. Yes, I should put the vinegar in something non-breakable. I am courting disaster. Don’t be as dumb as me. I do store the vinegar and soda in a childproofed cabinet, though. 
So this is my hair back in mid November after a few shampoo-free weeks. I don’t have one from before I started for comparison. Sorry.
And this is today. It’s grossly flat because I didn’t ask for any gel when I got it cut. And there’s a hell of a lot less of it than there was in November. Do you know about postpartum hair shedding? It is horrifying. The hair comes out in clumps, and it is all over everything in you home. Add it to the list of super awesome stuff that happens to your body during breeding.

Guess who asked to use the potty twice today? 
 He peed in the potty three times yesterday. During lunch he looked at me and said, “I don’t want to pee in my diaper.” I do not have the words to express my excitement. Those of you who have changed diaper after diaper of full on grown up human type poop know what I mean. I’m not trying to jinx it, but we are headed in a very good direction.