Made it to the Y yesterday. Barely got through two very slow miles on the treadmill. Man, do I ever hate that thing. The whole time I just want to stop, I feel like me heart is going to explode even though I’m going considerably slower than when I jog outside. It’s the most miserable 22 minutes ever.

Today there wasn’t time for a trip to the Y. Z had an 8 AM appointment. I left the house for my jog at 7:15 so he could leave on time. Which meant no coffee or breakfast pre-exercise, guaranteeing a crappy time. But at least I did it, right?

It was 21 degrees when I woke up this morning, warmer by far than it had been in days. By the time 7:15 rolled around it had fallen to 19, but I’ve jogged in colder. During my stretches I noticed my right hip was bugging me again. I knew I wasn’t stretched out enough, but I also knew if I didn’t go RIGHT THEN that Z would be late for his appointment.

Damn, it was cold. The air felt like it was burning my lungs. My muscles were bunched tight against the frigid wind. I was slower than I’ve been in months, much slower than on the treadmill, like over 11:30 a minute slow. I finally made it home and that is when the pain started. It wasn’t my hip, it was the middle of my upper back. Clearly I contorted my body to try and conserve warmth and I pulled something.

Over the next hour the pain blossomed. It is the worst pain I’ve experienced since I started jogging 6 months ago (holy shit, has it really been 6 months?). During this exercise odyssey I have reminded myself to be reasonable, to not push myself into injury or exhaustion so I can keep on going. But today I was so obsessed with not missing another day that I was stupid.

I don’t know how to heal my back. I don’t know how long a break I need to take. At this point I’m hoping tomorrow morning I magically wake up pain free. The icy-hot patch I’ve put on my back is helping, but I am fucking pissed at myself.

Yes, I proclaimed on my birthday that I want to complete a marathon before my 40th birthday. I’m not going to get there if I am not careful with my body. Making a jog happen no matter what the consequence is basically setting myself up to fail.

Seems I have a lot to learn about exercise. And hubris. And good decision making.

cold runThe pain was just starting when I took this.

bad back

Icy Hot patch working its magic. And I’m being all honest and uncomfortable with this one-lower back blubber! I have it!

cousin hot tub

We were doing this last week. Would feel pretty awesome on my back right about now.

silly k c z

My current favorite picture. If T was in it it would totally be the header photo of the blog. Photo by Ellie Leonardsmith.